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All prices are subject to change
• Road Bike Rentals – Credit card deposit required – $85/day
• Bike Pickups and Diagnosis – $25
• At Home, Bike Flat Changes  $35 plus the cost of tubes

Complete Tune-up $90

  • Get your bike finely tuned and lubricated
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Adjust / lubricate front and rear derailleurs
  • True front and rear wheels
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Lube chain and cables
  • Light cleaning

Pro Tune-Up $130

  • Complete tune-up plus drivetrain clean
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur
  • True front and rear wheels
  • Remove, inspect and clean seat post
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Clean cranks, chain cassette, and derailleurs in solvent tank

Pro Build $300

  • Bike build from bare frame
  • Complete tune up and drive train cleaning
  • All bolts checked and tightened to proper torque spec
  • Bar wrap or grip install (labor only)
  • Cables and housing not included


Bike Repair Menu of Services

Disc Brakes

Avid Disc Brake Bleed (each wheel) $65
Brake Disc Install (without bleed/each wheel) $50
Brake Disc Install & Bleed (each wheel) $75
Brake Disc Rotor Adjustment and True (each wheel) $25

Bike Bars

Bar Install (Mountain Bike) $15*
Bar Install (Road) $45* *Does not include wrap
Bar Wrap Install $20

Bike Builds

Bike Build out of a Box $80

Bottom Bracket/Crank

Bottom Bracket & Crank Install $60.00
Bottom Bracket Adjustment & Crank Arm Removal $35.00
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $20.00
Bottom Bracket Install $40.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul with Loose Ball Bearings $55.00
Crank and Bottom Bracket Install $30-$50* (Price depends on the style of the crank)

Brakes (caliper)

Brake Adjustments + Cable & Pad (labor only) $20
Brake Adjustments + Cable or Pad (labor only) $15
Brake Adjustments (Front or Rear) $10
Brake Caliper Install (each) $15
Brake Lever Install for Mountain Bike (each) $20.00


Chain Lube $5
Chain Ring Install + Crank Removal $45
Chain Install $15


Mysterious Creak Diagnosis $75/per hour


Cassette or Freewheel Install $15

Cycling Computers

Computer Install & Cadence $25


Cut Bar or Seatpost $10* *if item is brought in


Demo Saddle Rental $15


Derailleur Adjustment + Install (labor only) $15
Derailleur Adjustment (Front or Rear) $15


Di2 Programming and Update $25


Disassemble Bike $90


Fender Install $35


Fork Install On Current Headset with a steer tube cut $50
Fork and New Headset install $70


Free Hub Replace/Service $50
Hub Overhaul Front $30 *Not including bearings
Hub Overhaul Rear $45 *Not including bearings


Headset Adjustment $10
Headset Install $50
Threaded Headset Install $50

Lock Removal

Lock Removal $10-$50


Grease SpeedPlay Pedals $5


Pack Bike (for Shipping) $80 – Box, padding and zip ties included


Rack Install $25


Shifter Install for Mountain Bike (each) and derailleur adjustment $30*
*Not including cables and housing
Shifter Install for Road Bike (each) and derailleur adjustment $35*
*Not including cables, housing or bar wrap


True Wheel (NO spoke needed) $25
True Wheels and Spoke Replacement ($1.50 per spoke) $30
Wheel Build Alloy (Per Wheel) $70
Wheel Build Carbon (Per Wheel) $80
Tubular Glue on Alloy/Carbon $70
Tubeless Conversion Install for Pair (Installation Labor only for both wheels) $50

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