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Rob Stotts

My name is Rob Stotts, and I’ve been racing bicycles since I was 8 years old. I competed in BMX racing and in my teens I advanced into all disciplines of mountain bike racing. When I was 19, my dad bought a bicycle shop and my competition life exploded. I found myself in downhill racing, cross country, cyclocross and even transitioned into road bike racing.

My father retired from the family business in 2019, I was faced with starting a new career or continuing with my own shop. I love my dad, racing, and my family. I decided to continue with my 2-wheel legacy, and with my dad’s blessing, I opened Stotts Bicycles.

With so much experience in the industry, I thought it was unfair that anyone over 25 was considered retired. At 41, I’m in tip-top shape and can go against a 20-something with no problem. I know in my heart that age is not the problem. Passion is the solution to life and bicycles.

At 41 years old I am still at the top of my game, and I assure you that I can help you whether you are 8 yrs old or over 25. It is about passion, commitment, dedication, and family. Bicycles are my life, and they have been good to me, how about you? What will you choose to be the priority in your life? Give me a call and let?s get rolling.

Rob Stotts, Owner – Stotts Bicycles
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