The question I get asked quite a bit – especially nowadays – is “is it better to buy a bike “complete out of the box” or is it better to buy a bike frame, cherry-pick all the componentry and build it the way you want to build it?

Well, there are 2 trains of thought there. The first one, building it out of the box and buying a production bike. It’s a great way to go. Nowadays, the manufacturers know exactly what they’re doing. They’ve done their homework, they’ve done their R&D, and they know how to build the bikes for whatever discipline that they are building these and constructing these bikes for. So, it is good and it’s more cost-effective to build these bikes right out of the box and be done. Get on it, go, race, have fun on it, whatever you’re going to do with it.

Building your own new bike

The other train of thought – building your own bike. Well, that’s a good way to go. You can build a dream bike, you can build the best competition bike you could ever imagine – the lightest, whatever it may be – you can get really stylish with it, colors, you dream it, it can be a reality. But, at the same time, very expensive and sometimes not always the best way to go.

If it were me, I’d say, nowadays, buy a bike out of the box get on it, go ride.

I also bring up another topic. Guys that want to upgrade their existing bikes that are maybe 4 – 5 years old. Well, keep in mind, technology moves very rapidly in this industry. Things change quite a bit. Sometimes it’s better just to say, you know what, I’m gonna sell my old bike and I’m just gonna get into something new.

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