Cycling TIPS!

H&S Cycling Tips

Equipment Know-How

? New Bike? Here’s What Else You May Need.
? Correct Tire Pressure Improves Your Ride
? Considering A Pump? Get The Right Type
? Advantages Of Folding Tires
? Choose The Right Tire Tread
? Proper Shifting Helps Your Bike Last Longer, Work Better
? Lock Your Bike To Keep It Safe, Inside and Out
? Safer Night Riding Begins With Good Lighting
? Follow A Pre-Ride Checklist To Increase Enjoyment, Reduce Problems
? Adjusting Bar Ends For Better Biking
? Get The Maximum Mileage From Your Cycling Shoes
? Understanding The Differences In Cycling Shoes

Family Cycling

? Helmets And Children
? Considerations When Taking Kids Biking

Fit & Comfort

? What’s The Right Size Bike For You?
? Saddle Position Spells Satisfaction Or Suffering
? Seat Fore-And-Aft Adjustment Is Important, Too
? We’ve Got A Seat For You
? Lower Your Seat For Mountain Biking
? Short “Shorts” That Are Long On Comfort
? Cycling Gloves Protect Your Hands In Many Ways
? Take Care Of Your Hands
? For Optimum Comfort, Check Your Handlebars
? Clothing For Cold Weather Cycling

Health & Fitness

? Getting Fit Is Fun
? Eat As You Ride To Sustain Energy
? Eat Right To Ride Longer And Stronger
? Keep Yourself Hydrated
? Monitor Your Heart For Faster Fitness
? Use Average Heart Rate To Pace Yourself
? Build Strength With Hill Repeats
? A Little R & R Before the Big Event Is A Good Thing
? Don’t Forget The Sunscreen
? Make Like Aaar-nold In The Winter To Ride Better In The Spring
? A Great Time To Take Up Off-Road Riding

Maintenance & Repair

? Put Together A Tool Kit For The Road And Trail
? Got A Flat? Get The Correct Tube Valve And Know How It Works
? How To Wash Your Bike (And Keep It Clean)
? Regular Drivetrain Maintenance Is Essential
? The Chain Tool: An Essential Take-Along For Off-Road Riding

Riding Technique

? Pedaling Is About Spinning, Not Stepping
? How To Perfect Your Pedaling
? Learn To Ride A Straight Line
? Body Moves To Help Smooth The Ride
? Avoiding Trail Obstacles
? How To Climb Like A Mountain Goat
? Here’s How To Master the Mud
? IMBA Singletrack Advice

Safe Biking

? Let Us Help You Pick The Right Helmet
? Properly Fitting A Helmet
? Stop Quickly And Safely
? Be Safe! Ride Defensively At Intersections
? How To Be Safe On Group Rides
? Ordinary Sunglasses Aren?t Good For Cycling?Here?s Why

Traveling With Bikes

? Proper Racking Prevents Damage And Inconvenience
? Don’t Let A Broken Bike Part Ruin Your Trip
? Flying With Your Bike

Sharing The Road

? Basic Safety Rules For The Road
? How To Drive Safely Around Cyclists
? Always Ride On The Right
? Ride To The Right. But, Not Too Far Right!
? Traffic Principles To Ride By
? Safe Lane Positioning
? Turning Tricks
? Safe Lane Changes & Turns
? How To Ride In Bike Lanes
? Hey! Obey Traffic Lights
? Dealing With Road Rage

Off-Road Riding & Racing

? Homemade Booties
? Save Your Levers