Expert BIKE Maintenance


bike careWe’re often asked how frequently bicycles should be serviced. It’s a difficult question to answer because it depends on how and where it’s ridden as well as its condition. Assuming the machine is in good working order and that you ride sensibly (i.e. don’t abuse your bike) and not in nasty weather a lot (muddy and snowy rides accelerate wear), the following guidelines will keep your two-wheeler running trouble free for years. You’ll need some basic tools, lubes, cleaners, rags and know-how.



• Print out this page and attach it to your workbench or toolbox to use as a checklist.

• These are general service guidelines for road and mountain bikes.

• Bicycles ridden off road typically require more frequent and extensive service than road models.

• If you notice problems or have questions about anything on your bicycle, call us and we’ll be delighted to advise you on what maintenance is required.

• If your bike is heavily used, abused or has been crashed, we recommend bringing it in for a thorough check and service to ensure that it’s running properly.

(right click on the below chart to “Save file as” and print)

Bike Maintenance chart